Senior fitness training

Senior fitness training

Senior fitness training

The Best Retirement Is an Active One

Did you know that moderate-intensity physical activity can help you live longer and reduce health problems? Regular exercise helps control blood pressure, body weight and cholesterol levels, and cuts the risk for hardening of the arteries, heart attack and stroke. It conditions muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones to help fight osteoporosis, keep your body more limber and stabilize your joints, thus lowering the risk of everyday injury. It also improves digestion and is good for managing low-back pain, arthritis and diabetes. Regular physical activity helps you maintain your independence. And recently, there’s been more research that suggests an active lifestyle lowers the risk of some cancers. But perhaps the best reason for incorporating regular exercise into your life is that you’ll feel better. Exercise helps you sleep better and manage stress better, and gives you more energy to enjoy work and play ("Active Seniors Enjoy Life More", n.d.) Natural Lifestyle Essentials offers different types of Fitness Training for Seniors:

Senior Cardiorespiratory Training:

  1. Senior Fitness Boxing: it is fun, improves overall cardio, stamina, muscle endurance, stability and lowers blood pressure. There is no risk of taking punches. The training is adapted to the fitness level and preferences of the senior client.
  2. Senior Fitness Kickboxing: like Fitness Boxing, it is fun, interval based workout where you burn a ton of calories. There is no sparring or other ways of taking punches and kicks. You train with your instructor on Pads and Mits - you will learn really how to punch and kick, which is for most people not the main goal, however besides the Fitness Boxing Benefits.
  3. Steady Cardio for Seniors: Walking, Cycling, Swimming, Cycling or Rowing for 30+ minutes has a lot of benefits, including reducing the risk for developing heart disease, lowering cholesterol, reducing excess body weight and promoting good health.

Senior Flexibility & Core Training:
Stretching to maintain flexibility in our joints and the ability to achieve a good range of motion in our movements is extremely important as we age.

Senior Strength & Resistance Training:
Strength-training is critical for older adults. Adults lose 4-6 lbs. of muscle tissue per decade, which means a significant loss of body strength and a lower resting metabolism. Older adults who undergo a structured strength-training program have shown to regain lost muscle mass, increase their strength, metabolism, bone density and balance and improve their quality of life. During our Personal Training sessions, Suspension Band, Medicine Ball and Battle Rope are main training tools.

Senior Neuro-motor Training:
What is neuromotor training? Neuromotor exercise training incorporates a variety of motor skills, including: Balance, Coordination and Agility.
Neuromotor training combined with Strength & Flexibility exercises is a great combo for seniors. Elderly are more vulnerable for slipping, and falling. Daily tasks like carrying the groceries up the stairway and carrying the Golf or Tennis bag become harder. During our sessions the client will get stronger, gain more stability and endurance.

Senior Post - Rehabilitation Training:
Recently Released from hospital and just completed the sessions at the physiotherapist, the client has to start moving again in a safe and effective manner. Recovering from a fracture, or after a joint replacement due to arthritis, or second care after a diabetic metabolic surgery. With the right approach, which means with the right individualistic approach, an adaptation in lifestyle (of which exercising is a essential part) the client makes a bigger chance to recover and live a healthy life.